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Process in my new Studio

I am loving my new space! This is the first piece that I have worked on in my new studio. It is still a work in progress…but there is so much natural light, no carpet, and plenty of room to make a nice big mess…I have a good feeling about this place. Here is a peek of me painting away…







I loved creating this piece. It is the first that have worked on from start to finish in my new studio. I used acrylic paints on a Masonite or wood surface with other collage elements. This painting is based off of the Ursa Major (the mama bear constellation) and I actually used vintage constellation maps in the bottom third of this piece. There are also large paper stars that have been collaged in and painted over, they can be seen if you look closely. 


Ursa Major // Heart Full of Stars
Mixed Media, Papers and Constellation Maps



This piece was in the Submerged in Art show at the SLC photo collective March 2014. Sometimes there are definitely those “special” pieces that you find yourself having a strange attachment to… This painting has been sold and it was little hard to say goodbye. But I know she is in a wonderful home.