Month: September 2015

Welcome to Wonderland at The Urban Arts Gallery

I have wanted to do a piece inspired by Alice for a long time so I hope I was able to do it justice. Here is my piece for the show Entitled Painting the Roses Red using acrylic and mixed media on wood

Full Painting the Roses ii


Here are a couple shots of the piece in process



I was able to be a part of an awesome Alice and Wonderland Art Show at the Urban Arts Gallery. Welcome to Wonderland that featured some great artists and artwork. There were all kinds of sculpture and installation pieces, which I loved. Not to mention it was a happening party. There was live music a tea party and some seriously cool costumes. I thought I had really outdone myself dressing up like Alice, but was nothing compared to some of the characters we saw.



I found the White Rabbit..




I have always adored the story Alices Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. I’m fascinated with and collect old novels. This one in particular has continued to spark imagination, inspire and resonate with people for over a hundred years. Its pretty incredible. There is also something fantastic about the notion of this whole other world existing inside the mind of a small girl, don’t you think?


Photograph of the original Alice // Alice Liddell circa 1862



I also love vintage illustrations. How gorgeous are these original illustrations by John Tenniel?