Off to the Gallery

I have been painting up a storm in my studio and am ready to take some new work out to Silver Queen Gallery in Park City. Its always hard to say goodbye.

Its funny how the subjects and energy in my pieces can change but always still feel like part of the same family. The colors, animals and energy is very affected by the things I’m experiencing at the time. The books I read and music I listen to can impact my work immensely. For example, I just finished the (Pulitzer Prize -winning) epic novel Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. It’s the only novel I’ve read in the Western genre but I really connected to it, its beautiful and terrible. It’s just under 900 pages so it took me a few months to get through, but wow it haunted me for ages afterwards. Images of buffalo, and the shadows of the people that came before me, the harshness, grit, simplicity, and resilience of the human spirit… all that energy has found it’s way into my work. As seen through my strange eyes and and heart of course.


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