The Cotton Candy Machine at FICE

Look who I got to see in Salt Lake City! The beautiful, talented and world famous Tara McPherson. I fell in love with these two prints and had to add them to my collection. The Crystal Waterfall print on the left was on the cover of High Fructose Magazine in January (w-o-w). The piece on the right is entitled A Tiny Universe Created in Every Tear Drop – gah I really gravitated to that and had to have it. Tara and my buddy Sean have the most beautiful little family. It was fun to catch up with such cool people and see their darling little boys.



Also can we take a second to appreciate one of the gems of Salt Lake City.. FICE is a pretty rad boutique and art gallery down town where I’ve been to several gallery strolls and has this gorgeous mural by El Mac. This is Lilah and I a few weeks ago appreciating the awesomeness.

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