Shooting Stars

shooting stars

Wow this piece had me in knots! In a good way though. I loved this Tiny Man so much and really just couldn’t figure out what to do with him. There are some different references here and I wasn’t sure what direction to take it in. There were some ideas about the Mayan culture and symbolism that I attempted.. After painting and repainting I ended up with a piece that I truly love. I sent him away to live with some great friends so I am happy that I’ll see him again.




RAW Visual Artist of the Year!

I was invited to be a part of the group of artist in a showcase for RAW natural born artists last year. RAW is an independent arts organization that includes all genres of art. They currently operate in nearly 60 cities across the United States, Canada, Australia and London.

1event collage

I was excited to be a part of the showcase but was absolutely shocked to be awarded ARTIST OF THE YEAR for the United States. My work went through a public vote to win the state of Utah (total shock just from that) then went onto the panel of judges and gallery owners. Out of 15,000 across the nation I was selected to be the Visual Artist of the Year. What an honor. Holy. Smokes.




I won some fantastic prizes, moola, and some great opportunities. And look guys..a shiny-new-trophy-award. Never thought I would win one of those! Im feeling pretty dumb-struck and totally humbled that I was selected. I would demand a recount but I really like my new stuff ūüėČ





I was featured on the website and did a fun RAWdio winner interview which you can check out the RAWdio Podcast or under the MEDIA LINK.


Welcome to Wonderland at The Urban Arts Gallery

I have wanted to do a piece inspired by Alice for a long time so I hope I was able to do it justice. Here is my piece for the show Entitled Painting the Roses Red using acrylic and mixed media on wood

Full Painting the Roses ii


Here are a couple shots of the piece in process



I was able to be a part of an awesome Alice and Wonderland Art Show at the Urban Arts Gallery. Welcome to Wonderland that featured some great artists and artwork. There were all kinds of sculpture and installation pieces, which I loved. Not to mention it was a happening party. There was live music a tea party and some seriously cool costumes. I thought I had really outdone myself dressing up like Alice, but was nothing compared to some of the characters we saw.



I found the White Rabbit..




I have always adored the story Alices Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. I’m fascinated with and collect old novels. This one in particular has continued to spark imagination, inspire and resonate with people for over a hundred years. Its pretty incredible. There is also something fantastic¬†about the notion of this whole other world existing inside the mind of a small girl, don’t you think?


Photograph of the original Alice // Alice Liddell circa 1862



I also love vintage illustrations. How gorgeous are these original illustrations by John Tenniel?



Live Painting for FE5TIVAL

I was asked to be a part of the very cool FE5TIVAL event. It was the 8th anniversary fundraiser and celebration for the NURTURE THE CREATIVE MIND FOUNDATION which is youth non-profit organization. It was a great night held at the Historic Union Station Building in Ogden. This was my first time live painting and I had a blast. I was a little unsure about the time constraints of doing a live piece but I was able to do this quick piece in about 4 hours. I used Mixed Media on canvas with collaged constellation maps and painted papers. I usually paint on wood, so the give on the canvas was weirding me out a little..but I ended up with a lovely crocodile-riding girl under a starry sky. It is entitled Lasso the Moon and was auctioned off at the end of the night for this great cause. Thank you for FE5TIVAL5!

Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation

Lasso Detail 1

Prepping for my Collage Drawings, Star Maps and Painted Papers

Lasso Detail


Finished Detail

Lasso 2


Lasso 1 Lasso 3

Mr Bill Murray

I finally decided to hang this beauty in our new place. This is undoubtedly the painting that holds a soft spot in my heart. I am so glad to have a giclee of my sailor so that I am able to give him a little wink everyday.


It is also a reminder of what a fantastic art show it was. One of the best. Thank you LA for kicking butt like you do. There was also a pretty great write up in the LA TIMES about the show, that evening mentions my Sailor Bill. Los Angeles Times Article









My Italian Sketchbook

I have been filling up sketchbooks compulsively since I was about 14 years old. As you can imagine, I am getting quite the collection of lovely, tattered sketchbooks filled with experiments, dreams and ideas. I was thumbing through some of them this morning and my favorite caught my eye. It is distinctive to me in many ways. It’s an Italian sketchbook, with a red binding and a red/white square patterned cover. Filled with the most cherished items from one of my greatest adventures Рthe sketches from my study abroad in Italy. They are sketches from new and old masters from the contemporary Venetian Biennale to ancient cathedral walls. These sketches take me right back to those amazing experiences I had 6-7 years ago (has it really been that long?) and make me just itchy to go back. Here are a handful of my favorites:








My study abroad impacted me in so many ways. I will have to do a proper post about the experience sometime soon.

Star Wars Art Show

What an honor it was to be a part of the ‚ÄúMay the 4th‚ÄĚ be with you Star Wars Art Show for the second time. The Urban Arts Gallery‚Äôs special collaboration with Blonde Grizzly along with contributions from Salt Lake City‚Äôs ComiCon made for a pretty radical event during the May gallery stroll and on May 4th. There was a beautiful collection of Star Wars inspired artwork, costume contest, Star Wars screening and characters ready for photo ops. Pre-tty awesome‚Ķ.

Artists include:  Darrell Driver, Anthony Granato, Chris Madsen, Desarae Lee, Cat Palmer, Tai Taeoalii, Tim Paxton, Kat Martin, Joe Forge, Tia Sheppard, Brittani Nay, Caitlin Scopes, Nathan Ferguson, Phil Cannon, Joseph Shelton, David Habben, Nestor Jimenez, Cindy Ferguson, Emily Wood, Joshua Flicker, & Jackie Burns.

Please forgive many of the photographs, these pieces deserve much more than iPhone quality my apologies to the artists.




Isn’t this Gallery a beauty? A must see for sure…

Urban Arts Gallery

At the Gateway, 107 South Rio Grande Street / SLC, UT 84101

Star WarsMy piece “Space¬†Pirate”



11Heather and Craig, the coolest nerds I know…




I just couldn’t help myself.


RAW Artist Event

I was invited to participate in the Spectrum Event for RAW natural born artist in SLC last week. This international organization combines Visual Arts, Fashion, Music, Dance, Film, Performance Art, and Photography for a truly unique event with live performances and artwork. I love the idea of bring different forms of artistry together like this, it provides an awesome creative atmosphere that was great to be a part of. I have really only done gallery work before so I liked having this new experience.

photo 3

photo 2














This sweet/tired man came straight from the airport from a business trip to assist me with with my work. Doesn’t he look thrilled?


We had a great night. I only wish we would have snapped some more photos of more visitors, performers and other artists! I spent half the night trying to figure out how to make my new card swiper work..I’m slow like that. I am happy that my Mister was able to get these though. Thank you, Sir. And Thank you so much to those of you came out .

photo 1

Process shots of my new pieces.

Fish ii
wish maker detail



Wish-Maker Detailwish maker


Mixed Media on Wood


Process in my new Studio

I am loving my new space! This is the first piece that I have worked on in my new studio. It is still a work in progress‚Ķbut there is so much natural light, no carpet, and plenty of room to make a nice big mess‚ĶI have a good feeling about this place. Here is a peek of me painting away…







I loved creating this piece. It is the first that have worked on from start to finish in my new studio. I used acrylic paints on a Masonite or wood surface with other collage elements. This painting is based off of the Ursa Major (the mama bear constellation) and I actually used vintage constellation maps in the bottom third of this piece. There are also large paper stars that have been collaged in and painted over, they can be seen if you look closely. 


Ursa Major // Heart Full of Stars
Mixed Media, Papers and Constellation Maps



This piece was in the Submerged in Art show at the SLC photo collective March 2014. Sometimes there are definitely those ‚Äúspecial‚ÄĚ pieces that you find yourself having a strange attachment to‚Ķ This painting has been sold and it was little hard to say goodbye. But I know she is in a wonderful home.