My Latest Babies

My Lasso the Moon was such a joy to create. It was a piece that didn’t fight me at all, it just felt like it manifested in front of me. I stared at it for hours before taking it to the gallery, which was good because it sold pretty quickly before I could see her displayed. Another special thing happened because of this piece, a singer/songwriter wrote a beautiful song inspired by this painting that is an absolute treasure to me. I’ll just hint at that here until I can post the song in all its glory. I’m pretty excited about it..


Another Buffalo piece!  I just can’t seem to paint enough of these stormy skyscapes with the constellation maps and the bison. This is The Sound of Thunder No 3 


Detail shot of this little lady roping the moon to guide her home


I’m in love with this commission piece that I created for some clients in San Fransisco its called Thunder Lullaby

Thunder Lullaby *detail // Look at this sweet guy. It was hard to say goodbye to him.

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